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Foundation Builder

Most competitive exams follow a combination :
Aptitude component : The aptitude component is based on raw problem solving skills, analytical ability, not directly related to school curriculum.

Subject knowledge component : The subject knowledge component focuses on advanced extension of regular Mathematics and science school curriculum that can be mastered only by regular practice.

As fundamentals in science and maths play a pivotal role when a student steps out into the professional world, hence the need of the hour and focus of this programme is towards building fundamental base as strong as possible.

This programme is the first step towards nurturing the young of the country for the preparation of all competitive, aptitude and professional exams ranging from NTSE, KVPY, Olympiads, JEE, AIIMS, NEET, etc. The syllabus of this programme has been designed to lay strong foundation of basic concepts in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Mental Ability.

Highlights of Foundation Programme

  • Refinement of logical, analytical and critical study skills required for various competitive exams like NTSE, SSTSE, NSTSE, KVPY and various science and maths Olympiads.
  • Competitiveness among students for stress free preparation only 2 days classes per week for 45 minutes duration in evening session.
  • Well Designed Exercise Sheets & Theoretical Notes prepared by most experienced faculty.
  • Regular self-assessment through Daily Practice Problems (DPP's).
  • Full time faculties available for clearance of doubts.
  • Periodic Review Tests & Group Tests to nurture academic skills.
  • Appreciation award to toppers.
  • Information to parents regarding attendance & discipline through SMS as well as online.
  • Performance result intimation to parents.
  • Personal care and support of administration and Faculty team.
  • Special Guest Lectures by JEE (Mains & Advanced) Faculty Members.