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Every successful built manor has a deep rooted foundation and staunch pillars. IIT POINT was also formed with similar concoction of the best teaching experts from across the country at Nagpur in the year 2009 and expanded their branches in Mumbai at Andheri, Borivali & Nerul. These great minds came together with a clear and legitimate motto to provide quality education and comprehensive training and best coaching for students in their Board, IIT-JEE, JEE Mains, JEE Advannce, AIPMT & NEET exams.

Since our core team is from the academic background, with over a decade experience in the field of education, we understand in-depth know how of the entire journey which enables us for academic planning, training and execution successfully. Since its inception itself, IIT POINT was very thoughtful about the all-round performance of students in their respective exams.

The need for solution to address the training requirement of students for their board exams and JEE entrance exams led to the creation of the two years classroom program (XI+ XII + JEE) for 10thpassed students. We were the first to introduce this model. However introduction of JEE entrance exams and changes in the IIT entrance patterns proved that the philosophy adapted by IIT POINT was correct, well ahead of its times and enabled us to deliver the most promising results consistently year after year since 2009 in JEE selections.

In the second year of its inception, One year classroom programme (XII + JEE) was introduced for XI passed students, which received an over whelming response and led to migration of students from other institutes to IIT POINT. In the next year a separate department for BIOLOGY / BOTANY was established with the intention to introduce programmes for their board exams and NEET entrance exams. To its greatest achievement, the first medical batch gave 100% results in NEET selections.

We had great demand from students of distant locations eager to be trained and moulded in our system for whom we enabled hostel and transportation facility as well as Distance learning programmes due to:

  • Customized learning programs
  • Meticulously maintained coaching quality
  • Healthy competitive environment
  • Feedback support system

After tasting the success year on year in Nagpur, and tremendous demand from students aspiring for lucrative careers in Medical and Engineering, Management decided to expand its presence in Mumbai. As an endeavor to train and develop students and facilitate accessibility to our unique training program, within years' time we opened two corporate branches at Andheri and Borivali.

We got good response from students across Mumbai wherein toppers of reputed schools from State Board, CBSE, and ICSE enrolled with us. As a result, today we offer a wide range of programmes at our study centres in Mumbai Nagpur, right from the foundation programmes for Std VIII,IX,X, one/two year Class room programmes for XI, XII and JEE / NEET, Repeater courses, Crash courses and Distance Learning programme.



To represent distinction and Leadership in the field of Education and Training.


Our mission is to serve humanity through excellence in education. We always aim to identify and constantly purify the absolute standard of merit in the area of academics through:

  • The value of education we provide.
  • Honestly towards students, parents, society and nation.
  • The competence of our methodologies and system.



Dear Students,

Welcome to the important phase of your expedition called life.

Today, in the post millennia era where competition with others is irrelevant and competition with oneself is the vibe, redefining every boundary of excellence and engraving our arena has become inevitable. This can be achieved only through clear cut focused effort, commitment, dedication, perseverance and intelligent planning. This is the place where IIT POINT as a team has taken the responsibility of bringing the best educators from all around the country under one roof and creating knowledge pool par excellence who relentlessly work towards developing students for their bright future.

IIT POINT is a multitude of educational support programs providing best in class all round academic training. IIT POINT has been the fastest institute to adapt to the changes in the competitive exam pattern and admission criteria.

Our goal is to build an effervescent community of zealots, where faculty and students are cronies in a mutually inspirational education process, where every action and thought is student oriented, so that every student walking out of IIT POINT is able to create a MAGNUM OPUS of his own. IIT POINT has a unique education system with an innovative pedagogy of learning, be followed to enable students not only to achieve top ranks in JEE, NEET & other competitive exams but also to create a distinctive mind set.

We actively seek to engage our mentors and faculties from research and development team, for contributing in the process of learning by sharing their proficiency and practices gained through their expertise and experience. We are committed to nurturing juvenile minds and prepare them for challenges in today's globalised and competitive environment. It is our mission to instill Passion, Channelize efforts, deliver on our Commitments and pursue Excellence in every endeavour and pass on the torch of success for generations to come.